Social Media Lead Generation

The social media experts at LeadBuilder® know that social media marketing is no longer about simply building a community for your business. When used correctly, social media channels offer unprecedented opportunities to optimize brand visibility, site traffic, audience engagement, customer service, and revenue-generating leads.

For small business owners in particular, social media platforms represent a level playing field against larger competitors. These outlets have made costly customer relationship management (CRM) systems unnecessary, and they amplify your brand’s voice in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Most importantly, though, your social media presence is an invaluable first step in your prospective customers’ paths-to-purchase.

Does your social media presence exist just to build a fanbase? Or is it being used to funnel real dollars into your business?

If you answered “yes” to the first question and “no” to the second one, then LeadBuilder® can build your social media footprint to capitalize on its true potential.


Comprehensive, Outcomes-oriented Social Media Marketing

The LeadBuilder® team specializes in leveraging your social media presence to create quality outcomes. Our social media marketing services revolve around targeted audience outreach that resonates with potential customers no matter what device they’re using.

To maximize your ROI, our efforts are designed to identify online social visitors in your service area, and convert them into loyal followers and brand advocates. This is achieved through a variety of activities including:

  • Active social listening
  • Social monitoring and management
  • Multiple weekly posts
  • Geo-targeted advertising
  • Promoted offers and deals

Depending on your audience and your company’s goals, all of the major social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest — are utilized in this capacity.

Social Media Leads for Contracting Businesses

LeadBuilder® is powered by the nation’s largest local advertising and marketing agency, Mediagistic. Thanks to this relationship, our platform gives you the benefit the company’s considerable marketing experience in the contracting industry. Our social media lead-generation campaigns have created actionable leads for a diverse range of companies offering HVAC, landscaping, roofing, pool and spa, and plumbing services.

Learn more about which LeadBuilder® package is right for your company’s growth goals, and get started building a robust social media identity for your business today.


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