Transparent, On-Demand Reporting

Many small businesses have placed trust in an SEO or Web marketing company only to see their website ruined by ineffective or even blackhat practices. By the time these businesses realize something is wrong, though, it’s already too late. Their money is long gone, and their domain may even have suffered permanent damage.

With this in mind, the LeadBuilder® platform is built around a fundamental philosophy of transparency. We believe that your investment deserves to get tangible results that provide your company with the opportunity to grow and generate actual revenue.

Some unscrupulous Web marketing companies will try to distract you with irrelevant numbers and inconsequential data. However, the LeadBuilder® digital strategy team knows your time is valuable, and it should only be spent worrying about metrics that truly matter.

Analytics and Reporting on What Really Matters

To get a good grip on your marketing performance, it requires dozens of tools that yield reams of data. Some of that data is useful for understanding the performance of your campaigns, while other metrics can be outright misleading.

As a result, we focus specifically on performance and leads, and those metrics are accessible 24 hours a day through our consolidated reporting platform. We pull all the most useful and relevant metrics together and aggregate them to our transparent reporting platform.

This allows our clients to see how their campaign is doing at all times, enabling you to make educated business intelligence decisions based on the data you receive.

Introducing The LeadBuilder® Business Center

reportsWith hundreds of metrics and dozens of analytics tools, you can get lost in a maze of data very quickly. And sometimes it’s very difficult to know the difference between data points that are relevant, and ones that will send you down a rabbit hole that ultimately leads to the wrong conclusions.

Enter our proprietary LeadBuilder® Business Center. It gives you direct, on-demand access to the most important metrics for understanding your campaign’s performance. These include:

  • Website traffic
  • Clickthrough and bounce rates
  • Calls from your site
  • Leads generated
  • And more

Although our Business Center has everything you need, you may want to know more. If you want to dive even deeper into the data, we offer supplemental tools and additional reporting to assist in that endeavor. Each LeadBuilder® account also has an expert digital strategist assigned to it, and these professionals are available to provide further insight into the massive amount of data associated to your marketing campaign.

We don’t waste your time with the things that don’t matter. Instead, our digital strategy team concentrates only on what can produce actionable results, and we put that data at your fingertips. That’s the LeadBuilder® commitment to transparency.


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