Kitchen & Bath Contractor Lead Generation

LeadBuilder® is the perfect tool for optimizing your kitchen and bath contracting firm’s visibility on the Web. It puts a top-rate team of digital strategists, designers, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, paid search specialists (PPC), content writers, and social media experts at your service and provides your company with a cost effective and comprehensive online marketing plan.

Why is this important now?

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, homeowners spend approximately $50,000 to remodel kitchens and more than $18,000 to remodel bathrooms on average. And with the housing market slowly recovering, the total number of consumers seeking to make these renovations is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years.

To meet exploding demand, more companies that specialize in kitchen and bath renovations also are expected to enter the market. This means increased competition across the board — in this brave new world, your company risks falling behind without a strong online presence.

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How Kitchen Contractor Marketing Works

Like most companies in the kitchen contracting space, your resources are devoted primarily to fulfilling work orders and making sure your customers stay happy. When it comes to crafting a full-scale online marketing plan, then, your primary challenges are finding the time, talent, and manpower necessary to envision and execute it.

To succeed in this capacity, all elements of your Web footprint should speak to each stage of your customers’ buying process. As such, our LeadBuilder® platform is an all-inclusive, turnkey solution with a focus on:

  • Designing and optimizing your website so it becomes a sales funnel
  • Maximizing your overall online visibility by implementing the latest SEO strategies
  • Boosting your visibility by using paid search advertising (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Building a strong social media following by utilizing relevant networks
  • Optimizing your website for all possible devices

Tried-and-True Online Kitchen Contractor Lead Generation

When you use the LeadBuilder® platform, our marketing team will ensure your business’s online presence stands high above your competition. These kitchen contractor lead generation strategies have been extensively tested in the home contracting industry with demonstrable results.

LeadBuilder® is powered by Mediagistic, giving you the benefit of more than 12 years of SEO and SEM experience in the home contracting space. The company’s specialty is local online marketing plans that get tangible results within defined communities and service areas.

In the end, LeadBuilder® is designed to get more loyal customers for your business. You’ll get calls more often, and your marketing campaigns will get actionable, revenue-generating leads. Sign up now, and we’ll work with you to create a tailored plan for your kitchen and bath contracting business’s specific marketing needs.


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