How LeadBuilder® Works

LeadBuilder® is a comprehensive, lead-generating online marketing program designed with local retail and service-based businesses specifically in mind. Powered by Mediagistic, the LeadBuilder® platform puts a team of marketing experts at your fingertips to collaborate and ensure your online marketing campaigns are reaching their full potential. Here are the channels this platform leverages and optimizes:

Search Marketing

Through a combination of the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, we make sure your site and landing pages are fully optimized for maximum online visibility and organic growth.

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Performance Marketing

Our paid search experts will help leverage the power of pay per click (PPC) advertising to ensure your company will receive online visibility the moment your sites goes live and will continue to target high value terms that your customers are searching for throughout the duration of your campaign.

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Content Development

Our content development experts will create original, relevant content for your site that targets high-value keywords and phrases. High-performing content is also updated monthly to ensure it continues to coincide with Google’s Freshness algorithm.

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Web Development

Your company’s website is central to your marketing campaign’s performance. Our web development team optimizes your site for conversions by building a site that is visually attractive, useful, easy to navigate and features multiple calls-to-action.

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Social Media

Studies show social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate when compared to traditional outbound marketing. With this in mind, the LeadBuilder® social team customizes your social media channels to optimize branding, search results, validation, engagement, customer service, and lead generation.

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The LeadBuilder® platform is built around a fundamental philosophy of transparency. We believe that your investment deserves to get tangible results that provide your company with the opportunity to grow and generate actual revenue.

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Through LeadBuilder®, you’ll see measurable results for your business. With first-class tracking and reporting, you’ll always understand your return on investment (ROI). Contact us today if you’re ready to take the all-important step in driving your business to the next level.


Holistic Lead Generation Marketing

Establishing a company and refining your product or service are among the many steps you’ll need to take if you want to experience growth in today’s turbulent economy. Although your expertise and hard work have gotten you this far, you’ll need help in propelling your company to reach its full potential.

That’s where the LeadBuilder® platform can really help you perform and stand apart from your competition. To underscore what we can do for your company, let’s briefly review what lead generation marketing is and how it works.

What is Sales Lead Generation?

In a nutshell, Web-based lead generation involves the use of the Internet to generate increased consumer interest or inquiry into the products or services your company offers. The ultimate goal is to generate quality leads that eventually will lead to sales.

How to Generate Sales Leads

Sales lead generation, unfortunately, is not as easy as it sounds. That’s why planning and executing your marketing campaign through LeadBuilder® is an important initial step in your company’s future. It will be what differentiates your business and brand from others like it in your geographic area.

In today’s digital age, attracting potential customers goes beyond using traditional forms of advertising. To take advantage of the online landscape, you’ll need a solid online strategy that puts your business and your brand at the forefront in the community. LeadBuilder® will help you do exactly that. Get in touch with us today, and let our representatives and digital strategists come up with a plan that fits your business’s specific needs.

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