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Another year of growth.

Back when other HVAC companies were content on just servicing air conditioners, Sun Kool A/C was ahead of the curve by offering customer services as demand for maintenance, green building, and indoor air quality gained popularity. The problem was that as our business grew, but our marketing didn’t.

Adam Winchenbach
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26 Jul 2017

Introducing Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

As Google continues to evolve and introduces new ways to market, now seems like a good opportunity to give everyone a brief introduction to one of Google’s newest paid search offerings. They’re called “Remarketing Lists for Search Ads” (or “RLSA” for short), and these lists will dramatically change the efficacy of your Google AdWords campaigns. How do Remarketing Lists for Search Ads Work? RLSA lets…

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24 Jun 2017

Google Photo Insights: More Photos = More Clicks

If you have a Google My Business account (which you should), I’m sure you’ve noticed Google’s not-so-subtle attempts at getting you to add more photos. The search giant even has gone to the point of saying “post more to stay ahead,” and “businesses with recent photos typically receive more clicks to their websites.” More clicks? Yes please! Okay Google, we’re intrigued. Keep reading to learn…

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08 Jun 2017

Directory Listings Scam Calls and Google Imposters: How to Identify Them & What to Do

In recent months, we’ve been hearing reports that our clients are experiencing an uptick in scammy robocalls from “Google.” Our clients often call us confused about why their listing is being shut down or unlisted. These calls are not real! If a caller claims to have a special relationship with Google or even claims to work for Google, watch out. You are, more than likely,…

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