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Another year of growth.

Back when other HVAC companies were content on just servicing air conditioners, Sun Kool A/C was ahead of the curve by offering customer services as demand for maintenance, green building, and indoor air quality gained popularity. The problem was that as our business grew, but our marketing didn’t.

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09 Oct 2018

Last Week in Digital Marketing: Facebook Announces Stories Ads and Google Upgrades Maps

In the weeks following the Facebook data breach, the multi-billion dollar company has been scrambling to get some positive media coverage by releasing press about Facebook Stories ads and more job listing options. Google continues to stay at the top of its game by introducing a new domain name extension and making upgrades to Google Maps. Precautions to Take After the Facebook Data Breach On…

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01 Oct 2018

Last Week in Digital Marketing: Google Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Think about how many times you use Google each day: to read the news; to search for the nearest gas station; to find answers to your unrelenting questions, such as “Do penguins have knees?” (the answer is yes, you just can’t see them under all those feathers). It’s amazing how big of an impact Google has on our lives, and it’s only 20 years old….

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24 Sep 2018

Last Week in Digital Marketing: Trends in Online Transactions Plus Updates for Google Ads and Echo Devices

When it comes to the landscape of digital marketing, things are constantly changing, including trends in online transactions. As always, Google is in the news as it continues to add new functions to enhance their user experience. Amazon, another company whose name we see quite often in the headlines, is now adding image search for their Echo devices. Google Ads Update: Enable Call Reporting at…

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